If you’re a book lover and you don’t own a jigsaw yet, I’m pretty sure your books are disappointed with you. Why? Because the jigsaw is the master of cutting—it can cut straight and odd shapes, allowing you to be as creative as possible. With one in your hand, you can make the greatest, unique book shelves, book covers, and library decorations. The possibilities are endless!


This versatile tool is perfect for cutting complex shapes and can even make bevel and compound cuts in wood and other materials. It’s the simple answer to your imaginative and innovative projects.


Compared to a hacksaw and a handsaw, a jigsaw can cut faster, enabling you to save a lot of energy and time. This is why it’s perfect for experienced and beginning woodworkers.


A jigsaw is even recommended for tiny workspaces because of their small size. They work similarly with a band saw and a circular saw when cutting pine boards and plywood. However, unlike the two, a jigsaw can begin cutting in the center of a board allowing you to drop the blade in after drilling a starting hole. Indeed, it’s small but terrible.


Don’t upset your books in the library any longer! Own a jigsaw right now and give them the home they deserve. To help you choose, here are some of the best jigsaws on the market.


Once you’ve purchased a jigsaw, you can try one of these library projects below:


Build a simple bookshelf. You can mount it near the living room or dining area, so you won’t miss a chapter of the book you’re currently reading. It’s the perfect project to start with.

Wall mount book shelf

Print out letters or numbers, cut them out, and use them to guide you as you trace the wood with your jigsaw. You can even print out the name of your favorite book or author. It’s also an excellent idea for labeling your bookshelves by category.

Wooden LOVE

If you think you’re up for a bigger project, you can do the one below. Looks pleasing and distinct, doesn’t it?

Wooden book case

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