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Benefits Of Eating Food With Sawdust – A.K.A. Cellulose Fiber


Contrary to popular belief, eating food with sawdust – a.k.a. cellulose fiber – isn’t all that bad. In fact, it even makes you healthier and fitter.

Here are some reasons why:

  • It makes food taste even better. Often used as food additive, cellulose makes food taste even better in the form of sauces, dressings, or anything creamy like ice cream. Aside from that, think of drinking smoother milkshakes or eating creamier spaghetti. Sounds great, right?
  • It makes food last enough. Some types of food only last for a short time, depending on the ingredients being used. Cellulose can make food last enough for you to enjoy more or for others to taste by making it firmer, as well as reduce spoilage by absorbing excess moisture.
  • It helps manage your fiber consumption. While fiber is basically healthy, having too much of it can be dangerous. Having cellulose added to food will help you manage your fiber consumption, just enough for your body to fully utilize the essential benefits of fiber.
  • It helps with your digestion. Not regularly passing stool can be dangerous. Having fiber like cellulose added in food can help with your digestion, to avoid your waste – which may include excess cholesterol or sugar – from being reabsorbed by your body.
  • It helps improve your heart and colon. As mentioned before, having fiber-enriched food like those with added cellulose can prevent your body from reabsorbing waste with excess cholesterol or sugar – further improving the conditions of your heart and colon.
  • It helps you lose weight. Aside from improving the conditions of your heart and colon, having cellulose added in food to help your digestion eliminate excess cholesterol or sugar can also pave the way for you to lose weight.

In conclusion – and not to be confused by sawdust particles coming from woodworking projects that one makes with saws and even those seen in great reviews of jigsaws online – cellulose fiber is none other than a healthy type of fiber, which can be found in almost anything we eat including vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes.

Moreover, it can be found in some of our favorite foods such as cheese (mostly on Parmesan cheese and processed cheese), tomato sauce, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sour cream, breakfast cereals, whole wheat bread, granola bars, bagels, cake mixes, soup mixes, tortillas, raviolis, coffee creamer, and more.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about getting sick from eating foods with sawdust – a.k.a. cellulose fiber anymore!

Juice Bars Around The World


We all know how fresh juices can be. We also know how refreshing one can be, especially during the year’s hottest months. Most of all, we all know how these can make us more healthy and fit. But although you can make homemade fresh juices using those seen at, you can always indulge yourself to some of the world’s best – and healthiest – juice bars.

That being said, here are some juice bars around the world you can visit this summer:


Located in London, United Kingdom PRESS is best known for its cold-pressed juices and cleanses. This juice bar was founded with Georgie Reames and Ed Foy’s love for cold-pressed juices in mind, which they came to fully depend on as years passed because of its convenience, tastiness, and healthiness. It also helped them get a work-life balance, despite having full schedules everyday.

For PRESS’ cold-pressed juices, a lot of pressure is applied to extract the juices without friction or heat involved. It also doesn’t reach more than 3 degrees for the juices’ nutrients and other vitamins and minerals to be fully included. For PRESS’ cleanses, it comes in multiple forms such as soup or milk and known to be low-calorie and liquid – substituting three regular meals for your body to fully utilize its purposes, as well as fully recover from its side-effects.


Located in Melbourne, Australia, GREEN ST. JUICE is also best known for its cold-pressed juices and cleanses. This juice bar was founded with Natalie and Steve Warner’s personal knowledge and experience about the benefits of all-natural juice drinks, which they enhanced as more and more people learn about the importance of being healthy and fit.

Their juice drinks and cleanses are personalized into bundles, which you can pick depending on your needs, preferences, and budget. They also offer Healthy Man, which is exclusively created for men looking to lose their weight and build their muscles in the healthiest way possible. Moreover, Green St. Juice promises state-of-the-art juicing technology, 100% organic ingredients, safe glass packaging, natural herb extracts, and more.

Happy Moose Juice

Located in San Francisco, California, Happy Moose Juice is best known for its cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice drinks, as well as dairy-free nut and seed milk drinks. This juice bar was founded with Phoebe Croxton and Ryan Amistead’s realization of what America and Mother Nature can truly offer, in which they resolve to offer as healthy juice drinks and milk drinks.

Their juice drinks and milk drinks come in both individual bottles and cleanse bundles that come in at least 5 flavors. For them to provide the healthiest juice drinks, they use a hydraulic press juicer for the juice drinks’ nutrients and other vitamins and minerals to be fully included. And for them to provide the best juice drinks, they use safe glass bottles for the juice drinks’ freshness, taste, and overall quality to be fully retained.


A Foodie’s Guide for Seoulful Wanderings

Seoul’s culture, design, food, and technology scenes are just some of the city’s biggest draws. The tech-savvy and design-oriented city is home to world-renowned brands like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai to name a few. It boasts of several cultural attractions including well-preserved palaces. And experiencing the local food scene with its delightful traditional cuisines is one thing you would not want to miss.

What is it: Mixed rice dish with ingredients that include beef, chili pepper paste, fried egg, mushrooms, namul or sauteed vegetables, and soy sauce

What is it: Grilled marinated beef, cooked in a traditional way, often grilled alongside garlic and onions for added taste, some prefer eating it wrapped in lettuce

What is it: Traditional Korean stir-fried noodles with ingredients that include beef, thinly sliced vegetables, sweet potato, soy sauce, and a little bit of sugar. Other ingredients may also be added or used.

What is it: Traditional fermented vegetable, often serve as a side dish but may also be used as ingredient for other dishes, prepared using a variety of seasonings, cabbage and radish are often used to prepare this delicious dish

What is it: Korean pancake-like dish made with green onions and other ingredients, haemul pajeon is another variety of jeon which adds seafood like squid and shrimp among others

What is it: Grilled unseasoned pork meat (usually the belly part), diners typically grill the slices of meat and eaten wrapped in lettuce, best enjoyed with sidings of kimchi, grilled garlic or onions

What is it: Ginseng chicken soup; cooked using whole young or tender chicken with fillings that include Korean ginseng, garlic, rice, and other flavorings, a hearty and healthy meal

What is it: Korean bone soup with milky-looking broth, prepared using ingredients that include ox bones and meat as well as other choice of ox meat cuts, some of the seasonings commonly used are garlic, ground black pepper, red pepper, and spring onions

What is it: Korean blood sausage, made using a cow or pig’s intestines that are boiled and filled with various ingredients including barley, pork blood, soybean sprouts, and more; ingredients may vary by region

What is it: Spicy dish, fusion of sweet and spicy, popular Korean dish that is also widely available in street food carts or stalls, ingredients include rice cakes, fish cake, vegetables, and sweet red chili sauce

7 of the Best Food Cart Treats to Try When in New York

There are many food carts across the city that serves scrumptious treats. But when you have limited time to try everything, you may want to narrow down your options to a few. Here are some of the must-try street foods when in New York.

NY Dosas
ny dosas
::: Delicious vegetarian crêpes, located at Washington Square Park

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Red Hook Lobster Pound
::: Lobster or shrimp rolls and more

Sabrett hot dogs
::: Scrumptious hot dogs, can be found in multiple locations

The Halal Guys
the halal guys
::: Halal cart famous for its white sauce

Uncle Gussy’s
Uncle Gussys
::: Traditional Greek food, delicious pitas and other scrumptious dishes

Veronica’s Kitchen
::: Trinidadian cuisine; try the jerk chicken, roti, or the short ribs

Wafels & Dinges
::: Glorious Belgian waffles; chocolate fudge, speculoos cookie spread, strawberries, Nutella, and whipped cream fillings are to die for