Reasons Why Your Books Need a Jigsaw

If you’re a book lover and you don’t own a jigsaw yet, I’m pretty sure your books are disappointed with you. Why? Because the jigsaw is the master of cutting—it can cut straight and odd shapes, allowing you to be as creative as possible. With one in your hand, you can make the greatest, unique book shelves, book covers, and library decorations. The possibilities are endless!


This versatile tool is perfect for cutting complex shapes and can even make bevel and compound cuts in wood and other materials. It’s the simple answer to your imaginative and innovative projects.


Compared to a hacksaw and a handsaw, a jigsaw can cut faster, enabling you to save a lot of energy and time. This is why it’s perfect for experienced and beginning woodworkers.


A jigsaw is even recommended for tiny workspaces because of their small size. They work similarly with a band saw and a circular saw when cutting pine boards and plywood. However, unlike the two, a jigsaw can begin cutting in the center of a board allowing you to drop the blade in after drilling a starting hole. Indeed, it’s small but terrible.


Don’t upset your books in the library any longer! Own a jigsaw right now and give them the home they deserve. To help you choose, here are some of the best jigsaws on the market.


Once you’ve purchased a jigsaw, you can try one of these library projects below:


Build a simple bookshelf. You can mount it near the living room or dining area, so you won’t miss a chapter of the book you’re currently reading. It’s the perfect project to start with.

Wall mount book shelf

Print out letters or numbers, cut them out, and use them to guide you as you trace the wood with your jigsaw. You can even print out the name of your favorite book or author. It’s also an excellent idea for labeling your bookshelves by category.

Wooden LOVE

If you think you’re up for a bigger project, you can do the one below. Looks pleasing and distinct, doesn’t it?

Wooden book case

Remember These When Purchasing Books In Another Country


Visiting another country is truly exciting, especially for book lovers.

You get to see places, as well as experience things you’ve only read about. You even get to discover rare gems like the bookshop featured in the recently concluded Korean drama, Goblin. Even more so, you get to find hidden gems like the books found in the oldest literary American institute, Library of Congress.

That being said, remember these when purchasing books in another country:

Take it easy.

Depending on the country you’re visiting, the number of bookshops spread all over the place can be overwhelming; hence, you need to take it easy.

Do your research. Call for inquiries.

This will not just help you easily locate the bookshop you’re looking for, but also easily find the book you’re searching for. Some of the most common types of bookshop include traditional bookshops, modern bookshops, antique bookshops, and spiritual bookshops.

Take your time.

Depending on the bookshop you’re visiting, the number of books found all over the place can also be overwhelming; hence, you need to take your time.

Check each title. Ask for inquiries.

This will not just help you easily find the book you’re searching for, but also easily purchase the book you’ve chosen. Some of the most common types of books include young adult books, science-fiction books, horror thriller books, and self-help books.

BONUS: Do not buy book dust jackets.

Going for the paperback version of a book might be the best decision you’ll ever make. The reason for this is quite simple. Going for the hardbound version of a book – or more specifically, books with dust jackets – will only make it prone to devaluing, which is more likely to happen if a dust jacket gets ruined by certain situations (e.g. spilling coffee on it).

Any other reminders you might want to include in this list? Share them with us below!