Spotting Scope and Travels

The debate of whether binoculars are better than spotting scope or vice versa is undeniably still ongoing. Most birdwatchers would say binoculars are better, while most hunters don’t have to answer the obvious. Apparently, both scopes are helpful in various ways.

Today, however, we’ll focus on why bringing a spotting scope with you when traveling is beneficial. What can you do with this mini telescope anyway? Aside from being used in photography, hunting, animal races, and even concerts, what more could these lightweight scopes offer? Let’s see.

Birdwatching to The Next LevelVanellus_miles_novaehollandiae

Taking a closer look at a bird’s plumage has never been a fun experience! A spotting scope can give you sharp images of birds you never thought you’d come across. Observing their beak, feathers, face, and claws is not out of reach anymore. Other birds that don’t fly in the skies of your country might fly over you in another one, so why not take the opportunity to behold their beauty? A spotting scope makes birdwatching worth your time.

A for All Animals


You can also observe other animals with this powerful scope too! If you happen to be in a zoo or an exhibition show, your spotting scope can help you get more details with your eyes. Seriously, this tool will make other people envious of your genius decision to carry a scope with you.

Seek, and You Shall Find

Looking for a particular shop, restaurant, or building? No problem! With a spotting scope by your side, you can easily find what you’re searching for. This scope eliminates the need for you to get closer to a building just to confirm if that’s what you’re looking for by requiring you to simply zoom. You can just stay in place, and check that faraway edifice! You can also use it to look around if ever you have extra time for one more destination to visit that isn’t on your list.

The Nature-Loving Eyes

Birding_naturschutzgebiet_wenger_moor_E_OrtnerLet your eyes set upon the beauty of nature. There are numerous things to appreciate in nature, and I’m not just talking about flowers and trees. I’m also speaking of the skies, the ocean, the glorious sun, and the captivating moon. These elements were made to give warmth to our hearts through our gift of sight, which is why it’s only proper to gaze at their magnificence and care for them using a spotting scope.


Spotting scopes give us new perspectives; they allow us to see beyond what we normally see. Ironically, however, they teach us that there’s more to everything than meets the eye.