10 Destinations for Food and/or Literature Lovers

Bologna, Italy
For: Food
Highlights: Traditional Bolognese, tortellini, sausage

Buenos Aires, Argentina
buenos aires
For: Food
Highlights: Grass-fed beef, steaks, choripan, empanadas

Copenhagen, Denmark
For: Food
Highlights: Home to one of the world’s top rated restaurants — Noma, smørrebrød, other innovative and delicious cuisines

Hanoi, Vietnam
For: Food
Highlights: Delicious and value-for-money authentic Vietnamese dishes, bánh mì, pho, Vietnamese coffee

Lyon, France
For: Food
Highlights: Classic bouchon restaurants, Les Halles Food Market, Quenelles de Brochet, macarons, cheese and wine

London, UK
For: Food
Highlights: Numerous restaurants and dining options, Full English Breakfast, afternoon tea, bangers and mash,

Marrakesh, Morocco
For: Food
Highlights: Savor the taste of couscous, shish kebabs, mechoui (slow-roasted lamb); traditional Moroccan tagine

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
For: Food
Highlights: Multi-faceted cuisines; beignets, gumbo, jambalaya, Po-Boy

Santiago, Chile
For: Food and Literature
Highlights: Chilean literature, home to poets and Nobel prize winners Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral, authentic Chilean dishes; Bistec à la Pobre, Caldillo de Congrio, Chacarero, leche asada, Pastel de Choclo, Patagonian lamb, seafood empanada

Tokyo, Japan
For: Food and Literature
Highlights: Traditional Japanese cuisine, world-class dishes, a plethora of Michelin-starred restaurants, sushi and sashimi, soba and ramen, sukiyaki; literary explorations in book-themed cafes, manga cafes and libraries, literary festival