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Juice Bars Around The World


We all know how fresh juices can be. We also know how refreshing one can be, especially during the year’s hottest months. Most of all, we all know how these can make us more healthy and fit. But although you can make homemade fresh juices using those seen at http://juicerkings.com/best-wheatgrass-juicers/, you can always indulge yourself to some of the world’s best – and healthiest – juice bars.

That being said, here are some juice bars around the world you can visit this summer:


Located in London, United Kingdom PRESS is best known for its cold-pressed juices and cleanses. This juice bar was founded with Georgie Reames and Ed Foy’s love for cold-pressed juices in mind, which they came to fully depend on as years passed because of its convenience, tastiness, and healthiness. It also helped them get a work-life balance, despite having full schedules everyday.

For PRESS’ cold-pressed juices, a lot of pressure is applied to extract the juices without friction or heat involved. It also doesn’t reach more than 3 degrees for the juices’ nutrients and other vitamins and minerals to be fully included. For PRESS’ cleanses, it comes in multiple forms such as soup or milk and known to be low-calorie and liquid – substituting three regular meals for your body to fully utilize its purposes, as well as fully recover from its side-effects.


Located in Melbourne, Australia, GREEN ST. JUICE is also best known for its cold-pressed juices and cleanses. This juice bar was founded with Natalie and Steve Warner’s personal knowledge and experience about the benefits of all-natural juice drinks, which they enhanced as more and more people learn about the importance of being healthy and fit.

Their juice drinks and cleanses are personalized into bundles, which you can pick depending on your needs, preferences, and budget. They also offer Healthy Man, which is exclusively created for men looking to lose their weight and build their muscles in the healthiest way possible. Moreover, Green St. Juice promises state-of-the-art juicing technology, 100% organic ingredients, safe glass packaging, natural herb extracts, and more.

Happy Moose Juice

Located in San Francisco, California, Happy Moose Juice is best known for its cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice drinks, as well as dairy-free nut and seed milk drinks. This juice bar was founded with Phoebe Croxton and Ryan Amistead’s realization of what America and Mother Nature can truly offer, in which they resolve to offer as healthy juice drinks and milk drinks.

Their juice drinks and milk drinks come in both individual bottles and cleanse bundles that come in at least 5 flavors. For them to provide the healthiest juice drinks, they use a hydraulic press juicer for the juice drinks’ nutrients and other vitamins and minerals to be fully included. And for them to provide the best juice drinks, they use safe glass bottles for the juice drinks’ freshness, taste, and overall quality to be fully retained.